How I Got Rid Of My Constipation


My name is CJ and for years I struggled with constipation.  I think it started when I was around 15 and got food poisoning, but I’m not sure.  The point is, it continued well into adulthood and I would go up to a week and a half without any relief.

The worst part was that when the constipation finally let up and I was able to go, it was very painful for me and the…material, let’s call it, was so hard it would almost always clog the toilet. So if I was staying with a friend or at a hotel and finally felt the urge to use the bathroom I was very nervous about clogging their toilet and having to report the fact. It happened more than once. Very embarrassing.

I went to doctor after doctor, looking for a solution to my constipation problems, but all they’d give me were laxatives (which didn’t work) and fiber cookies (which also didn’t work). Well, after trying all sorts of diets and cleanses I sort of gave up. The one thing that I randomly stumbled up that seemed to help was this brand of powdered vitamin C that had a lot of Magnesium in it, and that really loosened me up. Too much in fact. It made me slightly diarrhea, so that wasn’t very comfortable, but it was better than being stopped up all the time.

Finally, my mom told me she’d talked with a doctor friend of hers that told her about Caltrate for Bone and Colon Health (also known as 600+D Plus Minerals) with Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D3. (Sorry if I sound like a commercial there, but that’s honestly how it went down.) I bought some at my local Walmart.

Within a week my digestion became normal. Not really watery and loose, and not hard and constipated. Normal. I can’t tell you what a relief that was (or how mad it made me at all the fiber cookie peddlers I dealt with before who charged my insurance company and I for unproductive advice). I don’t fully understand the science of this. I suppose I must have been deficient in one or all of the vitamins. I’m not a doctor and you should probably consult with one before taking anything new, but as you just learned from my story, not every doctor knows about this.

Also, over the years of trying solutions for constipation I’ve learned that whenever I take a new supplement or drug or whatever, it’s best to start slow and see how it affects me. I’ve seen some people online say Caltrate makes them constipated (though I’m not sure if they’re taking the one with Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, & D3 or just the one with Calcium.), so watch yourself during the first week or so to see how it affects your body.

There’s my story. Hope it helps. Leave a comment and share this if it does.

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