Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The treatment of irritable bowel syndrome is a combination of many remedies. A single pronged approach cannot be an ideal treatment of IBS. Prior to commencing any IBS treatments, it is important to consult a doctor and get properly diagnosed. Many people conclude that they are suffering from the disorder and thus opt for an over the counter solution. Such a treatment of irritable bowel syndrome would be unwarranted as one is not completely aware of the severity of the problem and is also not addressing it holistically.

To decide on a treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, a doctor would perform several tests including stool tests, will look at the entire medical history of the person and also conduct lower GI series exam, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy tests.

No single treatment of irritable bowel syndrome can completely cure the disorder. Thus, a combination of many remedies is generally opted for. The first stage of treatment of IBS would involve dietary changes which will not just alter the eating patterns and the amount of food consumed but also changes in the type of foods one consumes. There are medications including some anti-inflammatory drugs and pills that can soften stool when someone is suffering from hardened and lumpy stool or to harden it when one is struggling with immensely watery stool. Probiotics are considered by some as one of the most effective IBS treatments. (Although, according to the FDA, only a drug can cure, treat or prevent diseases, so this article makes no such claims.) Probiotics help in increasing the good bacteria count in the intestinal tracts thus aiding in digestion, smoothing the bowel movements and also enhances the immune system to guard against any infections from within or external.

Large meals are to be avoided and small more frequent meals are advisable. Foods that have lots of carbohydrates are recommended such as cereals, rice and vegetables. Fatty foods must be completely avoided for any treatment of irritable bowel syndrome to work effectively. Fatty foods, milk and dairy products, caffeine and alcoholic beverages, beverages that have preservatives and artificial flavors or sweeteners are to be avoided and gas causing foods like cabbage or beans can worsen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

The medications used in an IBS treatment are usually determined by the doctor depending on the overall health of the person. Fiber supplements, laxatives, medication for diarrhea, antidepressants and a few other antibiotics are commonly recommended. A doctor may recommend certain therapies such as talk therapy, hypnotherapy and mindfulness training.

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